Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rehabilitation Hospital Offers Stroke Survivors

Tinton Falls & Toms River, NJ – Imagine technology so advanced it helps stroke and other neurological patients in their recovery of hand function to grasp and release objects, tasks some stroke victims believe to be impossible.

This technology is now a reality at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals of New Jersey located in Tinton Falls and Toms River through an advanced therapy system called the NESS H200™. Distributed by Bioness Inc., ( the neuroprosthesis consists of a simple splint that slips over the patient’s forearm and hand. Embedded in the device are five surface electrodes that stimulate muscles responsible for grasping and releasing objects. A microprocessor allows the therapist to program the device with a series of exercises customized for each patient.

Dr. Todd Cooperman, medical director at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tinton Falls, says “NESS H200 offers tremendous benefits over traditional therapy for patients with stroke, spinal cord and brain injury, helping them to restore lost hand function.” “We are very excited about incorporating this technology into both the acute rehab programs and outpatient services,” Joseph Stillo, MD and medical director of HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Toms River says, “There are substantial clinical studies pointing to the value of functional electrical stimulation for neuromuscular re-education early in a patient’s recovery.”

It is believed that following a stroke, through repetitive training using electrical stimulation, the patient reeducates his/her muscles using new connections formed in the brain. After a patient has put on the NESS H200 he/she can move, grasp and release objects immediately. In addition to muscle re-education of the arms of stroke survivors, the NESS H200 may also improve circulation and reduce muscle spasms.

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals of New Jersey located in Tinton Falls and Toms River are accredited by the Joint Commission and hold disease-specific accreditation for stroke rehabilitation. HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals provide a higher level of rehabilitative care to patients who are recovering from stroke and other neurological disorders, brain and spinal cord injury, amputations, orthopedic, cardiac and pulmonary conditions. For more information regarding the variety of programs and services offered at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tinton Falls and Toms River, please visit or call (732) 460-5320 in Tinton Falls or (732) 244-3100.

Short will seek 3-year term on committee

Middletown Committeeman Patrick Short has decided to once again seek a three-year term on the governing body. According to, Short made his final decision to stand for re-election recently. For more information, go to: