Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kitty-killer convicted

For those following the cat-murderer case in Aberdeen, Anthony Appolonia pleaded guilty to all 19 counts of animal abuse during a hearing in Freehold on Sept. 29.

Appolonia had obtained cats and kittens from area residents by answering ads in the newspapers, officials said, between October and December of 2007.

Appolonia admitted he would then beat and viciously hit the felines, breaking their bones with his bare hands. Then, he would then drown the cats and kittens in his bathtub, he said.

Monday's hearing was emotional for the people who were conned, some officials in attendance and Appolonia — who began to cry while admitting what he did to the animals.

There will be full coverage of the happenings on page 4 in Thursday's Courier as well as at Courier Online.

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