Monday, December 15, 2008

'The Wrestler,' filmed in Hazlet, was important to Rourke has a good story about Mickey Rourke, star of the upcoming film "The Wrestler" about a down-and-out wrestler seeking a comeback. Rourke was the star of several iconic 1980s movies like "9-1/2 Weeks," "Barfly" and "Angel Heart," among others.

As an aside, some of the scenes of the picture were shot in a mobile home park owned by Hazlet businessman and recent independent candidate for the committee John Conti. An excellent business person in his own right, Michael Conti, John's son, is the owner of the Shore Cafe, also in Hazlet. He described Rourke as a "class act who was very receptive to fans that approached him while he was in the area filming."

Rourke talks plainly about his career and life in this very good article. Click on the headline to go to the story.

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