Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PNC Bank and Banfield Cultural arts centers at a crossroad

The issue of drinking at Holmdel's PNC Bank Arts Center: This private venue has been responsible for some erratic law enforcement where it involves alcoholic consumption. Though it would result in a great Garden State venue to suffer, people have got to come first and people seeking to drink need to fall somewhere about last. So, the issue that Assrmblywoman Amy Handlin is bringing up is not a bad one. Public safety first; above money.

OK, now the Banfield Cultural Arts Center and drinking: Why? For the couple of dollars the arts center would make off of drinking, the insurance liability this practice would bring is enormous. Yet, the entire idea of serving alcohol at a township facility....for any reason...is at least incredibly bad. This idea is being forwarded by the Middletown Township Committee is ridiculous, it is bad government, it flies in the face of common sense.

The entire Banfield Cultural Center has been a boondoggle. Why the parcel was bought, why public investment was placed into it in the first place, what the mission of the building actually is, how it will make money, how it will earn back the $9 million it cost to build, and to what end are all very good questions. These are questions the township has had scant or bad answers for thus far. But to complicate this issue by adding alcohol service to this multi-ton elephant in the center of the room thoroughly jumps the shark. If anything, I would think the common sense approach by the governing body toward their Frankenstein would be to be as low key, as non-controversial as possible. Instead, for the sake of whatever random desire by the committee majority, they are going to force this issue through, common sense be damned. Smoking may not be permitted on town premises, but I suppose someone can always get a drink at the bar.

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monk said...

Right now they are cracking down on teenage drinking in the parking lot. They continue to sell alcohol inside the arts center. Better suggestion: Stop selling in the arts center and ban consumption in the parking lot for everybody. I don't appreciate going to a concert and having some drunk spilling beer on my wife & I and otherwise ruining our evening!