Friday, December 14, 2007

Presidential Election Quiz; Hillary group formed in Monmouth

I received a "Presidential Election Quiz" from a few folks. Click on the headline to go check it out.

But, personally, I didn't need a quiz to figure out who I was hoping would be our next president. While she's not always Ms. Popular with Conservative Republicans, I think only Hillary Rodham Clinton has the experience, responsibility and vision to do what it takes to put this country back on the right track.

There's a group that was started to help get Hillary elected in Monmouth County. Middletown Democrat Greg Gibadlo, a former freeholder candidate and president of the Bayshore Democratic Club, is involved.

Last night, I attended a meeting at the Ink Well, Second Street, Long Branch. The group is just getting put together but has some wonderful people involved. As the election season progresses, I am sure they will pick up a lot of momentum.

If anyone is interested in joining, give Greg a call at (732) 671-4181, or e-mail him at:

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