Friday, January 09, 2009

Corzine re-election bid considered likely, without surprises

According to a well-placed Monmouth Democratic insider, he believes strongly that “there won’t be any surprises where it involves Gov. Jon Corzine running for re-election again.”

The insider said he expects that GOP gubernatorial hopeful Christopher Christie, the former United States attorney for New Jersey, could be a popular vote getter in both Monmouth and Ocean counties, among others. However, the Democratic veteran said that he doesn’t believe Christie is a serious threat to upset Corzine statewide.

“Jon Corzine is going to be strong throughout the state’s urban areas, in my opinion, and that is what he is going win New Jersey on,” the source said. “I don’t think it is impossible to say that [Corzine] could do well in Monmouth or Ocean but I think things would have to change here a little.”

The source noted that heavy Democratic registration in Newark, Jersey City, Camden, Trenton and Elizabeth, to name just some, are vital prizes to anyone seeking the governor’s office. “At some point, to be governor of New Jersey, you have to win Newark. I just don’t see Christ Christie doing that,” he concluded.

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