Wednesday, April 11, 2007

O'Connell, Gambino are running for school board

CAPTION: Larry O'Connell and Thomas Gambino

O'Connell, Gambino are in the race for 2 board seats

Matawan-Aberdeen Board of Education incumbent Larry O'Connell and newcomer Dr. Thomas Gambino are featured in this week's edition of The Courier, in a story by myself. Both men are running in a field of five candidates competing for two seats on the board that are open this year.

Mr. O'Connell is seeking his third term on the body. He is currently the chairman of the Programs Committee for the board and sits on several other committees. He is employed by IBM, in Piscataway. Mr. O'Connell holds two Master's degrees.

Dr. Gambino is running on a platform of improving research-based decision-making by the board. He believes better decisions can be made by integrating better fact-based analysis into the process. He holds a Doctorate as well as a Master's.


matawan advocate said...

A flyer for O'Connell was sent to Matawan residents. It appears that the Democratic Party permit was used to pay for the postage. The Courier did a dis-service to the other candidates by keeping them nameless. Slanted journalism. Disappointed you sunk to this level. Although doubt this will be published wanted you to know my thoughts on this matter.


i do not know who is backing who in the matawan-aberdeen school district, and it actually does not matter.

this newspaper has had a policy for years, which has been exhaustively stated whenever asked in those years, that whatever candidate comes to us gets a story. the story is a standard piece about who the candidates are and what they want to do.

in the race you are talking about, 2 out of 5 candidates came to us. it is the long-est. policy of this publication that we do not run around after candidates for interviews. if they want ink, then they call, schedule and show up. all of them get a story. if a candidate chooses to not do that then that is neither our concern or our problem.

we do not "take a side" because someone lacks due diligence in a political campaign. candidates either avail themselves of what we are doing or do not. as for "getting the dirt" on some alleged intrigue in a school board campaign, i have 2 reporters, 9 towns and some county coverage to do.

if i dedicate a reporter to something, then there has to be no doubt something is there and wrong. and if there's not that then we aren't talking about much.

matawan advocate said...

My mistake, other newspapers contacted and reported on all candidates. Never realized each publication makes it own guidelines. Candidates will be made aware of the Courier's policy for the future. What is the name of the reporter from the Courier for the Matawan/Aberdeen area?
I'm sorry I don't believe you don't know who is backing who in the Matawan-Aberdeen School District. You are wrong, IT DOES MATTER. Thanks for publishing and responding.


The Courier reporter who is covering the Matawan-Aberdeen area is Scott Shanley. His number is 732-957-0070. He is new and we still have to set him up with his own extension. By the end of next week he will be good. But you can leave messages for him on Matt McGrath's extension, 6126 for the moment and he will gtet them. Matt can pass them along.