Monday, April 30, 2007

Seward is right about McGreevey

Jim McGreevey was the worst governor in the history of the state. I had heard, in college, that it was almost universally agreed at one time that 19th century Garden State Governor Robert Howell was given that 'honor' by some academics somewhere.

Well, all records were made to be broken, and just like Babe Ruth surrendered his season homerun mark to only-legitimate comer Roger Maris, in '61, Gov. Howell must take a bow and bid his place in history farewell.

James McGreevey was and is a disgrace. He is an unabashed disgrace, who works hard at making sure everyone knows he is a great big writing about it in books, teaching his wisdom from the lectern and giving many interviews.

McGreevey's problem was not his orientation, but his abuse of office in granting office to unqualified persons for reasons that are best summed up as 'personal.' His conduct was epically bad. I do not believe that whether someone is gay or straight should be an issue of office. His problem was patently being a poor steward of public trust. He should not be rewarded with prosperity for what he did to government in this state.

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