Saturday, April 21, 2007

Middletown shows up to express sympathy about VT tragedy

The event on Friday night honoring the late Julia Pryde was very moving andsomething that gave the township a chance to show support and remember her,her family and her friends. Her death was a terrible thing, and this is a youngperson who will be very missed.

The national media covering this story, I believe, has made a mistake in giving the play it has to the person responsible for the deaths at Virginia Tech. There is a line. At some point there has to be. Giving the person responsible for these things the news status he has been awarded is something that does harm, I think, and ceases to just inform about relevent fact.

This week, there will be stories in the upcoming Courier by myself and Reporter Scott Shanley. The main story regarding the event will be written by Senior Reporter Matt McGrath.


The Middletown High School North Lion

High School North and South students showed up at the event to demonstrate their support for the Pryde family, and express their sympathy for what happened at Virginia Tech last week.

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