Monday, May 21, 2007

Bush defends Gonzalez about congressional problem

More about national politics...whatever that means to the local situation. I don't think I've ever seen anything that gives a definite correlary between national and local politics. But click on the headline for an update from Yahoo.

The virtue of local lawmakers should be judged against their actions in office, rather than their party affiliation. At this moment, things could be doing better for Republicans.

After all, whether someone is a good public official or a bad one should be judged against their performance in office rather than registration. It is pretty clear that, nationally, Republicans are struggling. While there are political people on both sides of the aisle who tend to exploit national issues to try and gain local partisan victory, I think the point is that a close examination about what local people are doing with office, rather than party, is the idea here. A Republican may not be a good office holder, but it's not because of George Bush. Contrastly, there may well be poor office holders who are Democrat. National marketing of news can be a bit pervasive. The best of all worlds comes with an informed votership.

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