Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Middletown, state officials give press conference

There was a press conference held on Hopi Drive a few minutes ago, involving Middletown Administrator Robert Czech and officials from the NJ Dept. of Fish and Game. Four traps have been set in various sites where it is believed the coyotes could be traveling. The traps are body restraints not intended to kill the animal(s).

According to Mr. Czech, there is a possibility coyotes are using the Navy Road running through the township as a thoroughfare.

The child injured in last night's attack is doing well, though he received injuries to his neck and face, according to Mr. Czech. Hopi Drive was the scene of the attack. One coyote took part in last night's attack, but six to eight weeks ago, Czech said approximately three coyotes took part in an attack on another child (who was injured during the incident).

The seasonal change could represent a time of greater activity by coyotes, Czech said. Previous to these two attacks, town officials could not recall a time when coyotes represented such a threat in the township. Last night, when the attack took place, police were able to take a shot at a coytote without possible harm to any person or private property. However, Czech said it is unclear if the shotgun round struck the animal.

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