Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Government needs to stop getting in the way of the private sector


Some economic news about the U.S. trade deficit from the U.S. Census Bureau. Click on the headline and go there.

I think the whole idea of sending jobs and companies out of the United States hasn't really worked all that well so far. Maybe something should be done about that at some point. Economic news impacts every area of society.

Manufacturing and industrial concerns helped to build this country. Today, in many parts of the country and even in this state and county, manufacturing plants and the like have been given a hard road by government. Every economy needs to grow things, refine things, make things and serve people to work. Right now, it's not doing that.

The end result is that everyone loses when government wants economies to stop functioning properly. Government should be about getting out of business' way as much as it can, while ensuring that safety and human issues are attended to. That isn't going on at any level anymore. Government has become a leach on business, bleeding it out to heap more and more taxation upon it. With the loss of business comes the loss of jobs...and then the losses just keep piling up.

Government has no respect for the private sector anymore, quiote possibly because politicians have become a career class, more bureaucrat and show people than serious minded business people in service.

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