Monday, May 14, 2007

For Newspaper Publishers and Editors: Important

There is currently an initiative under way from the NJ Dept. of Labor that will, if allowed to happen, fundamentally change the print news business in this state. Basically, the Dept. of Labor is trying to classify newspaper route delivery drivers and stringers as part-time employees, with all the financial obligations that means.

This is a serious matter. Not only are NJPA members involved here, but basically everyone in the print news business.

For those in the association (at appropriate managerial levels) who are familiar with our counsel, I suggest you call him or at least someone at the association at the earliest convenience to get an update. There is an important meeting happening between NJPA and the NJ Dept. of Labor within the next day that will mean a great deal.

There are newspapers that have already retained counsel to challenge decisions already made. Now is definitely not the time to ignore what is happening on the state level because every single newspaper in this state is impacted by this situation.

There are times when bureaucracy tries to amend the rights of the press, either directly or indirectly. In my opinion, this is one of those times.

Click on the headline to go to NJPA's Web site for contact information. Personally, I have never previously been big on the NJPA membership or its value, but in this moment I can see the use for the association in a dramatic manner and am glad Courier remained a member.

If they square this one away, I will not complain about dues again.

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