Thursday, May 03, 2007

McGreevey's wife on Good Morning America

Diane Sawyer just hosted a segment on Good Morning America involving Dina Matos McGreevey and her views about former Gov. Jim McGreevey. Apparently, Mr. McGreevey is teaching ethics in college these days. Mrs. McGreevey made it clear she wasn't a fan of his and offered that she did not know about Mr. McGreevey's orientation at the time of their marriage, or even afterward.

While how Mrs. McGreevey processes this is no doubt of some value in this discussion, what is being lost is that the man put a foreign national in charge of the state's homeland defense effort. The foreign national did not have any real qualifications for this job, or even the stated intent of remaining in New Jersey. Mr. McGreevey found himself some random person abroad, brought them back for unwholesome reasons, and then reportedly engaged in an affair with this person
(subsidized by the taxpayers).

Mr. McGreevey is not, in my opinion, fit to hold a discussion on ethics let alone teach anyone anything. I cannot believe that one single administrative charge of impropriety did not arise from his tenure in office. Today, McGreevey is being hailed in some corners of the media. The fact he is gay is some shield he is holding up hiding the reality he was a lousy governor, and some of his actions were patently done to solicit personal relationships. Some icon.

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