Thursday, February 22, 2007

Beck tries to improve dual-office ban bill

Beck attempt to enact tougher ban on dual office holding rejected by Dems

Motion to amend benefits
reform tabled again

In response to Governor Corzine's budget message plea to end dual-office holding, Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck once again today moved a legislative amendment to create a ban on dual-office holding -- one which would take effect within 30 days and with no grandfathering provision -- and expressed disappointment that Democrats rejected her motion for the second time.

"In his budget message today, Governor Corzine said about dual-office holding 'I can't tell you how strongly I feel about ending it -- now,'" said Beck. "I agree with the governor, which is why I tried for the second time to amend S-17 to include a provision to do just that. Unfortunately, the Democrat leadership in the Assembly has once again voted against the will of the people of the state and their own governor to protect their own interests."

Beck concluded by saying, "If dual-office holding is wrong, it is wrong for everyone, right now. To ban it for some but n ot for others, or to ban sometime in the not too distant future will just reinforce the public's well-justified cynicism about lawmakers' inability to put the public good above their own self interest. We need to do everything we can to reverse that cynicism and this measure is a small but important step toward that."

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