Monday, February 19, 2007

Wildwood: A winter get-away on the Jersey Shore

Wildwood is someplace known for the rites of summer. But there is a great deal to find there right now. The celebrated beaches are vacant. The shops that are still open are ripe with great sales.

The food is, as always, something special. One doesn't necessarily go to Wildwood for steak, but the seafood is still great. As for the hotels, the Days Inn, which has great accomodations, only cost $89.10 per weekend night. Meanwhile, the regular, seasonal rate for the same room is $400.00 per night. This includes king bed, kitchenette, small dining area, two televisions and balcony. Above: Some Wildwood scenes.

The emphasis behind a Wildwood winter get-away is on solitude, reading that good book, getting some good sleep and turning off the cell phone and computer for awhile. If done correctly, this process is sure to lead to a great mini-vacation that will take at least a couple pounds off your shoulders. By the way, be sure to dress in layers and don't plan such an excursion if you're not a fan of cold weather.

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