Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What's going on in the 13th District's upcoming race?

It's probably time to find out who is running for one Assembly seat and the Senate seat from the 13th District. I'm going to try finding out who has been making moves behind the scenes to garner support for these nominations. It's starting to become late in the preseason and whoever is going to try and contend either knows it or not by now. I'm going to try and find the story for next week's edition.

In 13th District, Middletown school board member Patricia Walsh (D) has already put up stakes around one Assembly seat, and worked veryt hard for Democratic support going into March.

I do predict the traditional '2 candidates from Monmouth, 1 from Middlesex' to be preserved on the Democratic slate.

The Republican incumbents for the job are, of course, Sen. Joe Kyrillos, Assemblywoman Amy Handlin and Assemblyman Sam Thompson.

In the wake of one shotgun blast after another into its own feet recently, I don't see the county GOP putting a move on popular Assemblyman Thompson as it stands. There have been rumors about the GOP going after Thompson's seat for years at this point (ever since Assemblyman Joe Azzolina lost re-selection by the GOP in a dubious convention).

State Democratic leaders have reportedly shown more interest than usual in the district's race. It's unclear about how that interest will mainfest itself come campaign time.

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