Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Short calls committee on lack of attention to bill list

At Monday's Middletown Committee meeting, Committeeman Patrick Short made an argument that the governing body needs to examine its bill list (especially when it hits $20 million).

The Republican Majority on the committee thought that was a bad idea. Previously, Committeeman Short was informed by Mayor Gerard Scharfenberger that the "method" of examining a $20 million (or any) bill list was to blindly trust in departmental managers -- so there it is.

When Committeeman Short tried to pull one thing off the list, he did not receive a second and that was that. What Committeeman Short pulled off the list was an $1,100 allocation for a color television set the committee was going to adopt.

The television was not to be purchased through any governmental source, basically just some guy they were told to buy televisions from, I guess. This is important because Committeeman Short priced another television, of the exact same company, make and model, but found it for $800. Subsequently, Committeeman Short found it for even cheaper.

This was just one item, overpriced by about $300. How many other $300 or more errors are there? And it is an error of judgment to buy something for $300 more than one has to. The complicity of this committee, simply for the sake of partisanship makes it clear this governing body is spending from its wallet using its voter registration card and not clear judgment.

This is a case of the Middletown Republican Money Machine not caring in what direction or how fast or frequently they spend tax money. I would be far less critical if any one of the other committee members had the sense to even cursorily examine the bills proposed for payment. This is not their money they are spending. It is hard earned tax revenue, and it is supposed to be treated with far more gravity and importance.

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