Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Video will be posted on You Tube of event later

I shot two pieces of film last night at Lincoln Day, one of the Civil War style band that played at Addison Park, which was excellent, and one of Freeholder Lillian Burry talking about what's going on at Ft. Monmouth. At least one will be up today.

Freeholder Burry, a former Colts Neck mayor, sits on the commission that will be deciding what is next for the fort, beyond its closure date.

Regarding the outcome of last night, it is inevitably worth saying that Republicans threw a good event, which was well attended.

You Tube is a great resource Online. It's one that gives another dimension to blogging and to Web sites. Newspapers are increasingly using this medium on sites and blogs. At Courier, this is also an aspect of our coverage that the staff is purposefully integrating into our way of covering events.

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