Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Calling all artisans!

Atlantic Highlands, NJ- CALLING ALL ARTISANS, Atlantic Artisans, LLC is hosting a night of “Live Art”. We are looking for submissions from any artisan that wants to exhibit their art in a creative, informative, moving way in a window while spectators marvel at your artistic ability. We are accepting all submissions in the form of email or snail mail. Creativity is the key and more details will follow when you submit your idea. This is a way to educate the public of the creativity that all artists exhibit. For more information please email Atlantic Artisans, LLC at info@atlanticartisans.com or call 732-291-0100. All ideas are to be submitted no later then January 30th.

Atlantic Artisans, LLC is a gallery that was designed to exhibit local and American artisans in all styles, all mediums and not just wall art. We also custom frame and sell art supplies. Atlantic Artisans is always looking for a way to bring the arts to all in a unique and creative way and the exhibit of “Live Art” can do just that. So, if you are an artist that wants to exhibit your art in a live atmosphere this event is for you.

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