Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kidd wants to exit Jersey; rest of the team can follow

Nets standout Jason Kidd wants to get out of Jersey. Well, so do the Nets, in general. The team announced some time ago it plans on taking up residence in Brooklyn as soon as they can do it.

In the meantime, Jersey is just the place they want to make money, I guess. I was recently in Brooklyn, and experienced the broken roads and crowded conditions there.

As a former Nets fan, who spent money on the franchise by going to games and supporting their activity, I hope Mr. Kidd does go, along with everyone else on the team. The Nets are like every other turncoat sports franchise in professional athletics. They want whatever they want whenever they want it.

Jersey is a stepping stone for everyone in that building. All things told, if that is how it is, then I think the whole crew should get to stepping so a Jersey basketball franchise can get here all the quicker. Click on the headline and go to

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