Saturday, January 12, 2008

Corzine takes to the road to sell his plan

Gov. Jon Corzine is on the road trying to sell his plan for raising tolls to the state.

It is an insult in this state to ask anything more of a citizenry that has been and will continue to be put through the wringer by each and every level of government. Mr. Corzine's plan is wrong, asks for more sacrifice when there has already been too much and it is out of line.

While Mr. Corzine's plan is bad, his administration has been used as an excuse locally, by some municipal organizations, like Middletown's committee, which insists on smoke-screening their own spend-thrift habits with state fiscal mismanagement.

Currently, there is not a level of government soaring above the pack. There is no party more qualified than the next. There are only politicians who are committed to raising taxes and politicians not committed to raising taxes -- and there is nothing in between. Tax raisers are 'bad,' and tax cutters are 'good.'

It should not be a matter of some politician telling the taxpayer why they are going to raise taxes, tolls or anything. It has come down to this being a time when elected officials who raise taxes should be thrown out of office in November, and elected officials who cut taxes should not, in my opinion.

I believe that taxation has reached a level that is beyond the citizenry's ability to bear, and any elected person who is asking for anyone's understanding in raising anything shouldn't expect a good response.

It is time for elected people in the towns, in the county, at the state, and in DC to cut taxes, wthout excuses, finger-pointing or stuttering. It's been too much for a long time: Now it's just off the charts.

Click on the headline for Mr. Corzine's "plan."

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