Monday, January 07, 2008

Do Clinton, McCain, Romney face being 'voted off island' in NH?

It's election eve in New Hampshire and nerves are fraying, hair is getting pulled out, candidates are sweating and Democrats and Republicans alike are trying to avoid elimination by capturing a win in their respective parties.

What's on the line for Hillary? Maybe everything.

It is likely the same for John McCain, who is considered a long-time N.H. favorite.

As for Romney, in the wake of an Iowa defeat, a N.H. win would put him right back on top. Without that win, is he a real contender anymore?

Meanwhile, fighting through the swamps and gators of Florida, all but forgotten by the GOP gladiators, is prodical front-runner Rudy Giuliani, pinning his presidential hopes on snowbirds, football fans and the air-conditioner crowd down South.

Where's this going? No idea. But it's not dull. Click on the headline to go to the AP story.

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