Sunday, May 11, 2008

AP: Obama looks like the winner, plans on McCain

U.S. Senator Barack Obama looks like he is going to get the Democratic nomination, though Sen. Hillary Clinton has yet to concede defeat, according to the Associated Press. Nevertheless, Sen. Obama is already talking about some of the issues he is going to bring up in the General Election with Sen. John McCain.

Without doubt, Sen. McCain is a good person, a brave American and a true patriot. But are his ideas the ones I am going to vote for? No. I would have voted for either Sen. Obama or Sen. Clinton, but it is clear that the freshman senator from Illinois is going to get the job of candidate.

Whether it was Sen. Obama or Sen. Clinton, either one of them present an opportunity for not only history, but the re-visitation of several vital issues by this nation. Has the interpretation of what is truly "American" been minimized by some to the point where the ideal presidential candidate must be a white male? Maybe. If that could be true then it can't be right. Frankly, it just doesn't matter if someone comes from a different walk of life when the future of this country is at a crossroad.

America's tattered economy is linked to the historic borrowing this country has done in the name of foreign intervention. Sen. Obama represents a chance to turn the tide on that. He also offers an opportunity to re-establish positive relations in a world where it has not been so in a long time, in many ways and in several countries.

Certainly, everyone has their opinion and should express it. This is just mine. I don't think picketing candidates is necessary, as was done to Sen. McCain in Lakewood. I do not believe fabricating a lot of nonsense should be the way to go either. These two guys, senators McCain and Obama, have different ideas about how things can get better. Is it too much to hope that folks can just hear what they have to say, weigh it for themselves on merit and then go into the booth? Well, probably that is too much to want. It's a way to go, though.

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