Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Manoes gives interview about superintendent controversy

I accompanied Courier Staff Writer Melissa Gaffney to this evening's meeting of the Keansburg Board of Education. The central issue on many peoples' minds is the retirement package given to the outgoing schools superintendent. The retirement package is worth the better part of a million dollars and many critics, in the borough and around the state, are upset.

Ms. Gaffney asked BOE President William "Billy" Manoes if he would consent to a YouTube interview and he did. In all candor, Mr. Manoes and his school board colleagues were not the borough school board to adopt the contract, but are quite open about their position. This is a very difficult thing for anybody to do, and the transparency with which Mr. Manoes and this board are conducting themselves is, in my opinion, laudable.

Ms. Gaffney did an excellent job covering this issue and her story in this week's upcoming edition of the newspaper is going to be an excellent one.

There is also a story about this on NJ.com for some additional information.

Click on the headline to go to Ms. Gaffney's blog, Simply Sable, for more information.

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