Sunday, May 11, 2008

APP: Sandy Hook chapel could be rented

The Asbury Park Press has a great story today about Sandy Hook's chapel potentially being leased. The fact is that several of the buildings at Ft. Hancock have been left to rot as government bureaucrats tap dance about what to do next.

Anyone who wants to see some buildings that are falling apart along Officer's Row, as it was formerly known, can take the drive up Rt. 36 to just past the Highlands bridge and take a look for themselves.

As for the group "Save Sandy Hook," dedicated to seemingly let these buildings fall into piles of brick and mortar, I don't think their approach is sound. Something other than allowing Ft. Hancock to fall into ruins is probably a sound way to deal with this historic property.

Click on the headline to go to the story. The above pix are mine, from some months ago. It hasn't gotten any better since then, though.

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