Monday, May 19, 2008

Woman busted in Burg for toting hand grenade

According to Keansburg Deputy Police Chief James Pigott, police today arrested Julia Smith, 51, Oceanview Avenue, after she was found with a hand grenade and a butcher knife. Reportedly, Ms. Smith was upset that a neighbor of hers, who reportedly had power of attorney to do so, had one of Ms. Smith's two dogs put to sleep while she was away.

In an irritated conditioned when they first arrived, police managed to get the woman to surrender the hand grenade. Ms. Smith was transported to Riverview Medical Center, in Red Bank, where police remain watching her as she is treated.

Pigott said the woman is under arrest and charges are forthcoming -- how could they not be? -- and will be announced by tomorrow.

As an editorial note: However much the Keansburg police get as part of their collective bargaining agreement -- it can't be enough.

Click on the headline to go to The Courier Online, where Editor Somdatta Sengupta has the exclusive report.

Caption: Not a photo of Ms. Smith, but no doubt a lady who knows her way around a hand grenade.

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