Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A 501(c)3 in the making?

Union Beach resident Sgt. Michael Minard was injured in Iraq on Oct. 1, 2007. He was a vehicle commander who served with the 1-2 SCR Striker Brigade. He is a married father of two who has been a real example of good citizenship. It is unfortunate for Sgt. Minard that he lost both legs above the knee during his injury.

However, Sgt. Minard's family and the community are really rallying behind this young man, who is 27. According to Sgt. Minard's sister-in-law Danielle Muller, there is talk about a foundation being set up to help soldiers coming home who are coping with serious injury, like Sgt. Minard's. Notably, retired Reserve First Sergeant Frank Wells, who sits on the council over in the borough, has been very helpful to the family.

This is obviously a great cause. If anyone is interested in helping this along, please reachout for Danielle at (732) 739-8703. She is a very dedicated person and there aren't enough great things to say about this wonderful family.

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