Tuesday, August 05, 2008

COAH is coming home for township

The Middletown Committee meeting last night adopted a new resolution involving COAH. There was some discussion about the language of the resolution, and comment was made by Committeeman Patrick Short that there may be some drama going on in statements about this issue being made in some corners, in general.

Mayor Gerard Scharfenberger is convinced that complying with COAH (a.k.a. the law) will have a result that is something like a meteorite hitting Middletown. I suppose that leaves the township with two alternatives: Either notify Bruce Willis and a maverick group of wildcatters or obey the law. Since Bruce Willis is busy, I suppose that leaves obeying the law.

Will COAH compliance mean the 'gloom and doom' that is being portrayed by the administration? Some say it will and others say it won't.

Compliance with COAH is dramatic in the township because, for over two decades, the township has put off its obligations or used RCAs to remove its obligations. Not so long ago the governor signed legislation that wiped out RCAs. Long story short: The township's poor planning is catching up with it.

Be sure to pick up a copy of The Courier this week for more news about COAH.

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