Thursday, August 07, 2008

Favre to wear Jet green this season

Packer future Hall-of-Famer Brett Favre will presumably be starting for the New York Jets this season. This news was released as the Jets front office announced that former Gang Green QB Chad Pennginton has been notified he will be traded or released from the team. According to the NY Daily News, Pennginton is scheduled to earn $6 million this year.

For Pennginton, this brings an end to a spotty stay in New York. Finally an end to the flashes of brilliance punctuated by the string of injuries from the Marshall University alum. Never decisive enough against the pass rush, in my opinion, Pennington's fate as a good back-up would have been more meaningful than his troubled time in the fermament of the starting spot.

Meanwhile, Favre enters into the "Joe Montana in Kansas City" period of his career. This is not a knock, as Montana elevated the play of the Chiefs of his day and brought them into meaningful contention for the first time in a long time. Perhaps some of Favre's Madison magic can spark the ever-languishing Jets to new heights (or at least crawling out of the cellar of the AFC East).

While Favre is a great, how competitive will he be in the AFC, which many regard as having a more competitive schedule than the NFC? I think it is clear that Favre will be able to produce well -- better than the Jets have seen in many moons. But how far can Favre drive the Jets? That's a good question and it's probably going to make for strong attendance and greater enthusiasm for fans (some of whom I witnessed trying to give away Pennington #10 jersies at the escalators after their first encounter with the Pats last year).

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