Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Inside Clamdigger will integrate new voices

Writers at the Courier have personal blogs, which are intended to give some news and information, insights and opinions about issues and what's happening. The Inside Clamdigger was the second of the personal blogs associated with any writers at The Courier, as it was started by me and I maintained it. Of course, the Bayshore Journalista, Jackie Corley, was the first. Blogs are a way to generate traffic to the main newspaper site (click on the headline to go to The Courier Online), and blogs are a new way to get information out there, relatively speaking.

Some of the ways that blogging can be useful have been identified through this experience, and there certainly has been a lot of activity surrounding area blogs. But all things come to an end. The Inside Clamdigger will continue to operate, giving news, information and opinion. I just may not be the one posting here anymore in a little while, though.

There is a period of transition that will take place, wherein some new voices are going to start being heard at The Inside Clamdigger. In a little while (as soon as we can work the bugs out), I'll stop posting here because it is time. Blogging is a very interesting concept. It's got a lot wrong with it, and a lot right with it. It's a great experiment that I am gratefully turning over to the reporters and interns at Courier.

I'll be sticking around for a couple weeks (in a cyber sense) before I fully turn over the site to these great young people. There'll be more about this before I stop posting altogether. I'll be sure to post a parting message before that happens.

I do appreciate the support this blog has received, and encourage readers to keep on coming back. In my opinion, it will only get better with the fresh blood. The Inside Clamdigger is a nice outlet for news, opinion and information about Northern Monmouth County.

Thanks for stopping by.

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