Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Adubato interviewed by NJBIZ

On Page 15 of the July 30 edition of NJBIZ, in a feature titled "Don't Try to Run from the Truth," Steve Adubato (a multi-talented person who, among other accomplishments, put together an incredible documentary about the old ward system in Newark) was interviewed about public relations and why keeping bad news to one's self is not always the best answer.

One example of the common sense he presents in his piece can be seen from the passage below:

"Question: If you have 'bad news,' is it best to keep it to yourself?

"Adubato: Not always, especially when people know that things have gone wrong. If it is an hour past when your plane was supposed to take off, you don't have to be a genius to figure that there is a problem. Not ackowledging it just makes it worse. Just be up front."

Steve Adubato always seems to have something common sense and bright to say. It's only a small piece in NJBIZ, but a lot of people in politics in Monmouth County could benefit by finding a copy of this and listening to it.

In general, NJBIZ is well-written, informative and laid out really well. It is perhaps one of the best things put out weekly. Smart reporters and great production people. The paper is good quality too, and I have yet to see a bad run on the printer's part. It costs $2, and it's worth that.

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