Thursday, August 02, 2007

McGreevey: Still haunting the news

NJ Voices' Kathleen O'Brien is discussing the whole McGreevey situation. In my opinion, Mr. McGreevey has succeeded in bringing a great deal of ridicule to this state and confusion and pain to some members of his own family, consequent to several of his decisions in and out of office.

His act is thin, worn and remains a sore spot where it involves state government. No governor, at no time, has ever been as bad, as ridiculous or as patently self-motivated as this sham of a fellow. He is a black eye to the Garden State that seems will not go away. And perhaps, the NJ "McGreevey experience" should have lessons for residents, regardless of party.
Click on the headline to go to the column detailing this most recent McGreevey train wreck.

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