Friday, August 10, 2007

Sheriff candidates will be interviewed in upcoming weeks

The Courier is going to be profiling candidates for Monmouth County sheriff Jack Hill, Democrat, and Kim Guadagno, Republican, in the upcoming weeks. Mrs. Guadagno will be featured within the next two weeks and Mr. Hill within the following two weeks after that.

Courier appreciates these very forthcoming candidates. So folks are aware, when Courier treats candidate profiles, there is no bashing, name calling or any of that (not that these two candidates would). Our profiles are presented to allow residents to: A. Hear positions, B. Learn some biography, and C. Hear about some of the influences and models the candidates draw from in making decisions.

Candidates will be profiled frequently, and all candidates who take the time to contact us will be treated. No candidates are ran after for a feature. There is no partisan bias to any feature, because this is an opportunity for residents to hear what these people have to say. This is open to all local, county and state candidates within the coverage area for The Courier (county candidates are not region-specific).

I encourage candidates to come out and contact. Should one set of party candidates contact us to be interviewed, and the other party's candidates either decline equal time or do not get back to us, then that would be their problem. With that said, The Courier's number is 732-957-0070, and Alyssa Passeggio covers Highlands, Atlantic Highlands, Matawan, Aberdeen, Keyport and Union Beach; while Scott Shanley covers Middletown, Hazlet, Keansburg and Holmdel.

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