Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Good football is back: Semi-pro in the Bayshore!

Courier Sports Editor Ed Collins just told me about what may be perhaps the most exciting thing in sports I have heard of for quite some time. The Bayshore has semi-pro football...and it's good!

According to Ed, there are two semi-pro football teams hailing from the Bayshore, the Bayshore Brawlers, from Keyport, and the Shore Bulldogs, of Middletown.

Sport for its own sake. No big shoe deals. No car commercials. Just football played by people who make a living doing normal jobs and then, any given Saturday, take part in the sport they love to play. They play for the sake of the game and not for the paycheck.

This is how sports should be. The last time I saw the Cavaliers and the Nets play, I witnessed what may be the most selfish and pampered act I have personally witnessed in any arena. The Cavs had a special person assigned to helping to stretch out LeBron James. Are you kidding me?

LeBron James can stretch himself out.

In the NFL, there is someone designated on some teams to squirt Gatorade into the mouths of players. It's grotesque.

Players can squeeze a bottle. It won't cause injury.

As for Major League Baseball, don't get me started. It's the Mecca of all spoiled athletes...or should I say "sports entertainers."

Click on the headline to go to the Web site for the Bayshore Brawlers ( and you can find the Shore Bulldogs at

I have a schedule for these guys and I plan on being there. I encourage folks to come out and support our local athletes, who deserve a lot of credit.

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Bayshore Brawlers said...

I would like to thank you for the publicity that this author of the blog and The-Courier has given us.

I would like to add some further details too about the Brawlers.

1. Games are played at Laurence Harbor Little League Complex off of Matawan Road(Follow sign for Little League), and that is off of Exit 120 on the GSP you will stay left once getting off.

2. Admission is free, though we ask you donated non perishable items.

3. Our next home games are August 11th and the 25th.

Email me at for more info.