Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Short draws support from Bayshore neighbors

Among those at last night's Middletown Committee meeting were Matawan Borough Councilman Joseph "Bud" Mullaney and Keansburg Borough Deputy Mayor Andrew "Drew" Murray.

I noticed these two guys in the room and asked why they were there: Both said they were there to support Middletown Committeeman Patrick Short.

Mr. Mullaney said he finds Mr. Short's work very worthy, despite the challenges Mr. Short faces on the committee.

Mr. Murray said Mr. Short deserves a lot of credit for what he is doing on committee in the face of resistance to his ideas.
Of some note is that both Mr. Mullaney and Mr. Murray are Democrats.

Middletown Democratic Chairman Joe Caliendo said he appreciated both men showing up to support Short. But what is interesting is the fact that both of these guys are from out of town. This is not run of the mill in Democrats. What does it mean? There are tea leaves for such things, but the Bayshore Democratic Club has, by all reports I've heard, been better attended than in recent years. I know that most of the group is comprised of people from Middletown, but there has been some support from Bayshore towns, prominently Aberdeen, Highlands and Hazlet.

"Mutual support" was a theme from the old Bayshore Republican Conference. In its heyday, the BRC left a big mark where it came to cross support. My question: Does this mean the Bayshore Democratic Club is picking up momentum? Maybe too early to tell but an interesting thought for inside people.

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