Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bloomberg's congestion plan: A detached reality

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's Congestion Pricing Plan needs to die on the table. For those of us who drive into Manhattan, it is positively absurd. While public transportation is being touted left and right, my experience is that NYC public transportation is good, on the fair said of that grade, but not anything that employers or academic institutions could count on as being reliable enough for commuters to universally depend on.

Infrastructure is a big deal, granted. The Federal and state governments are responsible for large-scale infrastructure repair and improvement. Right now, there are many other priorities from this national government and from these various state governments. My suggestion: Change the priorities and the politicians can stop passing the buck (it's our buck they're passing and spending anyway).

Mayor Mike Bloomberg is generally a good mayor, a smart person, and a great businessman. With that said, his plan in this case is moronic and represents only the single instance of detachment from reality he has exhibited thus far in his tenure.

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