Sunday, September 30, 2007

Candidates wanted for campaign features

Candidates wanted for campaign features

Here it is: I have been writing about Democrats so much in the past week that I can barely keep up with it. I want to restate it very clearly: The Courier will not be reaching out to candidates for profiles. We have relatively few writers and many things to do. Campaign seasons are time when candidates interview for jobs with the public. If any candidate from either party wants a feature in the newspaper, they are obliged to pick up a phone and use it: 732-957-0070, ext. 6116.

This coming week is entirely taken, to the point where a few pages are already called for the following week's edition. While this is a 'first come, first serve' situation, I would personally like to see more Republican profiles. So call and leave a message and contact information for those interested.

A candidate's job is to get their point of view out there. There are publications who have the resources to go running around after elusive candidates, and The Courier is not one.

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