Sunday, September 30, 2007

I do not think taxpayers could do worse with change

The "Trenton Democrats" are quite popular in campaign literature by the GOP. But, frankly, I'm a lot more concerned about the "Monmouth Democrats" and "Monmouth Republicans" where it involves my tax money.

While state lawmakers steal my tax money from afar, I do not believe I have a hope of curing that at the ballot box until I can find an elected official in Monmouth County who will stop robbing me of my pay check, as frequently as someone might go to an ATM.

Asking has not worked, apparently. In fact, the GOP seems quite upset that people here would like them to stop stealing their money for wasteful nonsense. I am not saying that Democrats would be much better, but there is the virtue of them not having a proven record of doing it for more than two decades. So where is all this reform I hear about?

I do not believe there is any reform in this GOP woodpile (as it is configured). Change is necessary for tax relief. The spotlight is on this ruling party now, and it cannot behave itself. It is not a trustworthy organization, in my opinion, because the "reform" rhetoric seems to be just that. As a Monmouth taxpayer, I do not believe I could do any worse with change than I am without it.

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