Saturday, September 29, 2007

Guadagno campaign gets it wrong about Hill

This campaign press release issue from GOP candidate for sheriff Kim Guadagno is really disappointing. It's what is wrong with this political thing. Either a candidate has their facts or they don't. If they do, then they got out and make something of it. If they're wrong, then they are supposed to make it clear a mistake was made, and go on. Gosh forbid people actually apologize for being wrong anymore.

This is really more of the same when it comes to campaigns: In this case, Republicans make a big deal about a Democratic PAC problem where there wasn't a problem (while some of Niemann's GOP PACs are still open). The circus act drama really gets old.

The GOP's 'spin meisters' got something else wrong...again.

How about a campaign about issues, and plans about how government isn't going to blow tax money on pie-in-the-sky programs? In the sheriff's race, how about a little talk about the budget and keeping people safe? I don't know, maybe that's just too out of the box.

Click on the headline to see the latest sideshow routine.

Jack Hill is a class candidate. He hasn't stooped to the level of throwing around nonsense. He's stayed focused on talking about what he is going to do for Monmouth County. Congrats to Jack.

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