Monday, September 24, 2007

Freeholder candidates clarify position on Carton

While the Malcolm Carton storyline is not one I am going to follow up on in the newspaper, the Dems assert their position was not made clear in the context of a story in another newspaper. Since I have not seen this release printed anywhere, I suppose that makes this press release something of an "exclusive."


Sept. 19, 2007

Michael W. Mangan
Director of Communications
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D'Amico and Schueler Would Not Re-Appoint Carton

MONMOUTH COUNTY -- Judge John D'Amico and Mayor Stephen Schueler, Democratic candidates for freeholder, [on Sept. 19] clarified their position regarding Monmouth County Counsel Malcolm Carton. Despite Adam Puharic's incorrect assumptions and consistent with previous Democratic viewpoints, D'Amico and Schueler would not vote to re-appoint Carton for another term.

"Malcolm Carton may be a very capable attorney, but his relationship with members of the Monmouth County GOP has been too close for too long," said D'Amico. "Quite simply, it's time for him to go. The public shouldn't forget that Republicans began to break their ties with Carton, who is a GOP fundraiser, only after pressure from the Democrats and the Asbury Park Press coupled with the threat of a tight election year."

Both Democratic candidates agree that while there is nithing that can be done in the short term, gtiven his three-year term as county counsel, under a Democratic majority this would be his last term as Monmouth County counsel.

"Carton is the personification of pay-to-play. The Republicans claim to be the leaders on this issue, but the reality is that they have continued to employ Carton only because thousands upon thousands were deposited into their campaign war chests," said Schueler. "Reform in Monmouth County has been happening because of one person, Barbara McMorrow. The GOP can try all it wants to paint themselves as reformers, but the public knows that corruption over the past 20 years belongs to the GOP."

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