Tuesday, September 04, 2007

McGreevey in the spotlight...again

I was in the Upper West Side as media descended upon the General Theological Seminary, in Manhattan. "Gay American" and former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey started classes at General, in the wake of a letter this weekend to the NY Post. Long story short: McGreevey inserted himself into the ex-Sen. Craig debacle.

As a New Jerseyan, I have to ask: Will McGreevey ever go away and stop haunting politics? As a person, I do not have an opinion of him. But as a public figure/former state official: Worst governor in the history of the state, and big shady guy.

It is politicians like McGreevey that turned this state over to people like former Sen. John Lynch. Why McGreevey is news is beyond me, but maybe one day (like "John from Cinncinati" on HBO) he will just go away.

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