Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hot off the grapevine...rumor about next administrator

I received an anonymous letter, posted out of the Kilmer post office on Sept. 10. I give very little credence to such things, and it was derisive where it involves parties. But something that was interesting was that the letter writer said they overheard a conversation in public, by a former county official, saying that Marc Acker was "going to be the next administrator for Monmouth County." According to these assertions, the posting was likely.

The person said that Birdsall Engineering is also likely to become a larger player in the future.

The assertions were speculative, as anonymous letter writers always have to be approached with fistfuls of salt, but I am going to look into some of the things they brought up in the letter. Whoever wrote this, thank you very much, but next time add a name and telephone number.

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