Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bean pens editorial about county leadership problem in GOP

I disagree with Greater Media Executive Editor Greg Bean about the character of the Republican bloggers. He likened them to the Greek Chorus, and I think he is right about that. But I think they are important to the internal process within the GOP on the county level and deserve better than he offered in his editorial this week.

I understand that some people do not like bloggers and I agree that bloggers have to get their acts together, in general. But they are doing something new and I think a certain amount of growing pains are to be expected.

Meanwhile, I do not think he is wrong about the rest of his commentary, which is fair. It is certainly worth reading.

This whole thing is quite dramatic. What will people talk about after it is resolved? I suppose there will be something. Click on the headline and go to Mr. Bean's editorial.


Lugar96 said...

If I understand Mr. Bean correctly, the Monmouth County Republican Party is nothing more than a confederation of conflicting factions that can't get it's act together. Last year, Adam Puharic, as nice a guy as there is, came along and made his best effort to save the party. However, the Monmouth GOP turned on him because they are just a hostile crowd. And apparently, Mr. Bean saw all of this coming because he warned his friend Adam not to take the chairman's position in the first place.

So, when Mr. Puharic decided he didn't want Anna Little in the party any more, was this an attempt to win favor with one faction of the nest of vipers at the expense of another?

When he admits he needed two other people in the room when he met with Ms. Little because he was afraid he'd lose his temper, was he attempting to appeal to the hostile nature of the blood thirsty GOP?

When he accepts a job that prohibits him from political fundraising and doesn't resign his position as chairman as most people would, under fire or not, is he just being a glutton for punishment? Is he staying on to take more abuse from the nasty, ill-willed Republicans?

If I were to believe Mr. Bean, I would have to come to the conclusion that Adam Puharic is an idiot. Who else but an idiot would shun the wisdom of Mr. Bean and accept a post that invites such misery and could offer nothing but pain?

I don't believe Mr. Bean. Adam Puharic is not an idiot. He's just made some questionable political decisions.

The "Geek Chorus" is made up of people who ask questions about those decisions. Certainly, some are doing it more eloquently than others, but I have seen a lot of reasonable questions asked in these blogs. It is typical of people who make a living voicing an opinion to look down on those who do it for free.

Mr. Bean should be reminded that a blog itself is an editorial. Nothing more, nothing less. I only accessed his opinion through this blog. Maybe he should eb grateful for the blogosphere.


the county gop is nothing more than a confederation of conflicting factions that can't get its act together.

adam puharic is a pretty good guy who tried to help.

i think it is likely the anna little controversy was to favor one faction over another.

the thing with the two guys was just out of left field.

i think adam is doing what he thinks is right, i just do not agree.

adam is not an idiot, i think he is just not the stuff chairmen are made of, on any level. his vision is not something most republicans or people for that matter commonly share.

bloggers deserve a lot of props for what they are doing on the republican side of the aisle, i think.