Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sakura Park is a New York City find for tourists

In Manhattan, New York City, Sakura Park is a quiet getaway on Riverside Drive, adjacent to Riverside Church, near Seminary Row.

Sakura Park was opened on October 2, 1960, when a stone lantern was presented to the city by Crown Prince Akhito and Princess Michiko, on behalf of the Metropolis of Tokyo to the city, as a gesture of good will.

The lantern was crafted in the style of the province of Kasuga in Japan. About 1,500 people attended the opening of the park.

In 1987, Akhito returned, as an emperor this time, and again took part in a ceremony involving the princess, this time also involving then Mayor Ed Koch. As a note, "Sakura," in Japanese, means "cherry tree."

The park affords a great view of the city, the Hudson and Riverside Park. It is quite safe, very clean and attractive and there are also ample park benches for catching up with that good book.

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