Monday, March 12, 2007

"Lakewood Lake" is a well-kept secret from tourists

The public park around Lake Carasaljo (commonly called "Lakewood Lake" by area residents) is a well-kept secret just over the Howell border, in Lakewood. It is a great place to bring the family for a nice spring or summer outing and the park is maintained in immaculate condition. Some years ago, during the 1980s, the park was falling into great disrepair.

It looks like someone over in Lakewood and/or Ocean County got on the stick and made something positive happen. The entire area seems to be moving forward and perhaps this is just one sign of that. Regardless, it's a great place and can be a good time.
There is even a small area on one side of the lake with swings as well as an outdoor stage. Around the lake there are well-maintained hiking trails also.

I attended college at Georgian Court University (then Georgian Court College) during the 90s. According to one of my history professors, Lake Carasaljo was named for the three daughters of Ocean County real-estate mogul, Dr. Joseph Brick. His daughters were: Carrie, Sally and Josephine.

There are one or two pieces of local lore that say the lake was named because of some nefarious murder. All wrong: Just three little girls who had a father that wanted to name something after them.

Lakewood's Lake Carasaljo is accessible off of Route 9.

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