Friday, March 23, 2007

Jersey Guys are controversial for some

There is a lot being said right now about the Jersey Guys, Carton and Rossi. They have a show on FM 101.5 and it's a good show, in my opinion. My experience is that these are good guys, who I listen to whenever I get a chance.

They throw humor into politics. OK, maybe some of it is a little what? Neither Carton or Rossi ever claimed they were going to cure cancer via their program. Frankly, their style is a relief given the fact that weirdos like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage have been given license to do whatever they want on air, and they are about hating people in the most politically correct fashion possible. I like figuring out for myself what I believe and the Jersey Guys don't try to shove their ideas down anyone's throat. OK, they joke around.

I'm not a big shot, and these guys basically go after big shots, but if they ever lampooned me I'd think it was an honor. I'd probably be embarrassed, but it wouldn't rock my world. If someone is big deal enough to be on their radar it should be a flippin' honor in the first place.

And the Jersey Guys don't venture into libel and defamation, like some bloggers do. They parody public figures, not unlike late night talk show hosts. A lot of what they are doing is what the First Amendment is supposed to be all about.

I want to underline the part about libel and defamation. These guys are professionals who know what they are doing — no matter how much or little anyone likes what they say.

I'm a fan. I'm going to stay one.

I don't like 100 percent of the things they say, so I might turn a show off. I'm still going to be back. They're funny. Most people in politics mistake humor for party line garbage that goes after peoples' families. These guys are irreverent but at least the true spirit of what they are doing is rooted in harmless fun, at least that is what I think.

Some of the bloggers in Monmouth think laughing about the house someone lives in is funny, or talking about the children of public figures, making up the most vile garbage possible. These guys don't even go in the neighborhood of that...and hey, good for them. Don't like them? Don't listen.

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