Friday, March 09, 2007

Bicentennial Park, a lost treasure of Middletown?

MIDDLETOWN, NJ — As I sometimes do, I am sharing some photos of my morning walks. This morning, I took my walk in Bicentennial Park, in Middletown. It was a cold morning but very sunny. Bicentennial Park is accessed through a Burger King on Route 35 across from my work. It was opened in 1976, and its attractions include, but are not limited to, a shopping cart overturned in the center of the water, a walkway that has plant life growing out of it, broken guides, a graffiti covered events kiosk, and an overgrown path to get to all of that action from the BK parking lot.

Hidden treasure? No, probably not. This is township park land. Its upkeep is paid by taxpayers. This upkeep is supposed to be done by the township, and the people who are supposed to oversee that things like this happen are...the Township Committee.

Way to go Middletown Committee. Keep up the good work.

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