Thursday, March 15, 2007

Middletown's neglect of Bicentennial Park is alarming

I have a habit of going to parks wherever I happen to be. I think parks reflect the areas where they are located. I went to New York today, and was surprised by the quiet that can be found on the Upper West Side. Meanwhile, last week, I made it my business to go take a look at Lake Carasaljo, in Lakewood.

Lakewood is reputed to be this terrible kind of place by reputation. While I do remember those days, it is clear that Lakewood is the kind of place that is truly on the way up and doing some remarkable things by way of transforming their community. But nowhere have I seen a more negligent approach to public property as in Middletown with Bicentennial Park.

Bicentennial Park is a monument to governmental neglect and mismanagement of both public money and trust. Middletown makes much of its reputation as being a special community. In fact, in many ways, its approach to public management is apparently lacking and short-sighted, as best exemplified by the town's abandonment of Bicentennial Park, on Highway 35.

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