Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some Democrats who could be seeking freeholder nod

Some of the names floating around out there for Democrats considering a freeholder run include, but are not limited to: Steve Morlino, Howell Democratic chairman; Lenny Inzerillo, Middletown; Greg Gibadlo, Middletown; Ralph Siciliano, Ocean. This is not to say these folks have any advantage over anyone else (Dems do democracy and not autocracy).

Rumors are always there in politics. This is another rumor, but I've heard it said more than once about each of them. There are other names that are just at the "once" threshhold.

There has been a lot of talk about some vintage Democratic winners of the past coming out, and it has not amounted to anything. In general, Democrats are looking to those who have been active and involved in recent years. There may well be more names ouit there but that has yet to evolve.

The mood is good in the Democratic Party. The last time the party came to power, during the 1970s, the situation was about the same nationally and locally. Personally, I think Democrats have at least as much chance as Republicans this year. I do not believe that the Republican base is as motivated as it once was to go out to the polls. I think a change in leadership on the county board might not be a bad idea and it would probably help reform a Monmouth Republican Party that has all but lost its way. Losing a few times helps to keep an organization clean.

In the meantime, Democrats have the opportunity to show the GOP what a clean race looks like, and that will be a welcome break for voters.

Early favorites? Too early to tell.

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